Code cheat harvest moon ds

You can do this again and again to obtain product each time. Note: All the sprites unlocked are part of the harvest team. Messes people and water up badly. The Real Thing i just can said is sorry yarvest have heart action replay! Though not quite as difficult to marry as the Harvest Goddess, it is a very big comitment to try for her love. More Walkthroughs Thousands of files. Marriage Code cheat harvest moon ds optional, but if you want to get married there are some milestones Code cheat harvest moon ds must pass first. Harvest Moon DS -- Celia heart events but already on red heart 1. Unreal Engine Gets Major Update, Now Supports Nintendo Switch. Upcoming games for What are Codd looking forward to? Chest when it is near Mystrile level, each time you fill it will count as one value better then the three to four uses per value it took before.

Code cheat harvest moon ds

To enable a memory game that involves 3 bears that hold colored sparkles and you have to choose the bear with the correct color you need to buy a TV from Van and interact press A with it at am midnight. If you beat this 5 times, you will gain LP with the WP. If you wake up at 6 a. And go outside your house and immediately re-enter so the clock is a. A memory mini-game will begin when you look at the collection of records on the shelf.

These are the sprites that run the casino and record store. Guts - Obtained at the beginning of game. Roller - At the eigth of Spring, cross the bridge to the right side of the valley. Hops - Press A in front of the well beside the Blue Bar. Tep - Go to to the Inn and jump the fence, press A in front of the stove. Finding one Sprite will open the casino but you need to find ALL 3 to play ALL the games.

Unlock Hops Poker Table : When you are in front of the well next to the Blue Bar Press A. Unlock Inn Blackjack Table : When you are in front of the stove to the left of the Inner Inn press A. After you have gotten at least 60 sprites and rescued the Harvest Goddess, go to into the Harvest Sprite Tree and go to the large urns to the left of the counter. You will find the baby sprite there.

If you inspect press A at at night amyou can play a special hidden mini-game. It is an RPG where you battle the girls, and eventually the Witch Princess, in an all out battle until you or she faints. If you win, you get a special item called the "Battle Title" which you can you purely to complete the shipping list. If you lose, nothing will happen. Alsoo, your weapon will be whatever is in your current tool slot.

NOTE: This will not make the girls mad if you beat them. Early in the morning at 6 AM when you first wake up, step outside the house and immediately come back in. Inspect your clock to see if it says " Beware, as you must have a sharp mind if you wish to beat it without cheating! You can gain xp for all your tools the axe, the hoe, the sickle, the hammer and the watering can by using them foe no reason. It will take much energy to train in all except the watering can but its worth it.

The girls you can marry include the Harvest Goddess, the Harvest Witch, the Princess, Keria, Leia, Flora, Muffy, Nami, Lumina, Celia, Ann, Popuri, Elli, Karen, and Mary. If you marry the Goddess or the Witch, you have a chance to have a special child that dresses funny. The only place you can safely litter is on your own field. Littering anywhere else including other fields in town will cause people to get angry with you. It can totally blow your chances with the ladies as well, so either stick it in your backpack or litter properly.

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Code cheat harvest moon ds

NDS Cheats - Harvest Moon DS: This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Harvest Moon DS for. Cheats for Harvest Moon DS. Use our Cheats, Tips, Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides to get the edge you need to win big, or unlock achievements and trophies. You have to have brought back the harvest goddess. in order to for her to return you need to have found 60 of the harvest sprites. When your close to being able.