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In example 1 in the above figure, you apply a temporary key with 25 SSL sessions; because the VPN Flex value is greater than the permanent key value of 10 sessions, the resulting running key is a merged key that actigation the VPN Flex value of 25 sessions, and not a combined total of 35 sessions. If you changed the default port in the server configuration, set the port for the backup server to match. You can only specify one backup Ciscco. The shared licensing server responds with information about how often the participant should poll the server. Both main shared licensing server units in the failover pair need to have the same license. If you set the clock to be a later date, then Freeftpd could not write configuration error you reload, the Ciaco checks the system clock against the original installation time, and assumes that more time has passed than has actually been used. On the standby unit:. Use the following Cisxo if your new license requires you to reload. March 6, - 4, Views September 18, - 3, Views March 17, - 3, Views December 26, - 3, Views April 24, - 2, Views. For failover purposes, temporary and permanent licenses appear to be identical, so you licensf have a permanent license on one unit and a temporary license Cisco asa license rehost the other unit. Be sure to activate it shortly before the old one expires so you do not lose functionality. Note : On the shared licensing server, the permanent SSL VPN license is not used; you can however use a VPN Flex license at the same time as the shared licensing server license. Yep, I tried as well and had the same issue. The ASA uses both the user login credentials and the computer scan results to assign a Dynamic Access Policy DAP. Identifies the backup server IP activtion and serial number.

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For example, axa small business with 15 employees may start out with a Cisco ASA with a user or, more correctly, host license. As new employees are hired — or existing employees begin using Wi-Fi on more devices — they may approach the limit and find it necessary to upgrade to a or unlimited-user license. You can see what license you currently Cisco prime infrastructure license rehost installed using asq show activation-key command: Upgrading to our new license is simply a matter of going into global configuration mode and using the activation-key command to provide the new license key to the ASA: Our new activation key was accepted.

Lixense ASA asks us to confirm that we want to update the key? Go ahead and press ENTER. The ASA tells us that the activation key stored in flash was updated and will take effect upon the next reloadbut the running activation key was not changed. When you see this, the ASA is telling you that you need to perform a reload for the new features to take effect. The ASA is back up and running and you can start using the additional commanc that your new license provides!

Were you expecting it to be harder? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Notify me of new posts by email. Previous post: HP Eliminates Premium Licenses; Existing Liicense Shafted Next post: Licwnse Field Day 2. How to Upgrade the License on a Cisco ASA. How To Upgrade Cisco ASA Software And ASDM. Petition Freeftpd could not write configuration error for Educational IOS License. IOU License Generator on Github. Previous post: HP Eliminates Premium Licenses; Existing Customers Shafted.

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To obtain a FREE ASA Firewall 3DES/AES encryption activation key, log Command reference: http://www. asa /  ASA AnyConnect Plus vs. Apex license in show version | VPN. Table License Reloading Requirements the activation -key command with a new key value. ‎ Supported Feature Licenses Per · ‎ Information About Feature Licenses. Cisco ASA Platform How to enable and add licences and product features. You add this licence to the ASA with an " activation -key" command.